Presidential aide: Netanyahu’s address to US Congress meant acknowledgment of Iran’s clout

Iran President’s special aid for religious minorities Ali Younesi

Iran President’s special aid for religious minorities Ali Younesi

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian President’s Special Adviser for Ethnic Minorities Ali Younesi rapped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his hostile remarks against Iran, but said his words at the US congress meant an acknowledgement of Iran’s power and deep influence in the region.

Younesi’s comments came after Netanyahu’s controversial anti-Iran speech at the US Congress on Tuesday night during which he threatened to take action against Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

“Netanyahu explicitly confessed to the high level of Iran’s influence in the region; of course he said Iran has gobbled four countries in the region, while Iran has just helped these four states,” Younesi said, addressing a conference in Tehran on Sunday.

Younesi described Iraq as a country which shares common civilizational grounds with Iran.

He said that Israel and its allies are worried that Iran is helping Iraq, and stressed that every nation should aid Iraq and other countries which come under serious threat.

Younesi pointed to the aids contributed by Israel and its allies to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and warned that “ISIL will one day backfire at them.”

He noted that Iran supports the interests of the people of the region, and said, “The Takfiris, Wahhabis, the West and the Zionists are seen as the main threats that should be confronted.”

In relevant remarks on Saturday, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Massoud Jazzayeri blasted Netanyahu for his anti-Iran remarks at the US Congress, and said the country’s Armed Forces will give a crushing response to any possible aggression by enemies.

“Our enemies have also understood that despite all sanctions and problems that they have created, the Islamic Republic enjoys such capabilities that it is able not only to confront any attack, but also to confront the aggressor with a fully forceful response which will make the aggressor regret,” Jazzayeri said in an interview with Defa’ press news website.

Stressing that despite all problems created by the arrogant powers for Iran, people across the world support the country and the Islamic Revolution, he said, “No one can prevent our Revolution and the Islamic Republic’s progress and we hope to witness establishment of global justice in the near future by the further spread of the Islamic Revolution’s domain of influence.”

On Wednesday, Iran’s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani condemned Netanyahu’s remarks at the US Congress, and said Tehran would give a crushing and lethal response to any Israeli aggression if Tel Aviv ever dared to embark on military action against Tehran.

“The time of threats is over and the Iranian nation doesn’t fear such threats. The Iranian Armed Forces’ reaction to any aggression will be so strong that it will leave no chance for the regime to continue its life,” Amoli Larijani said, addressing high-ranking Judiciary officials in a weekly meeting in Tehran.

“At present, all people know that no important issue can be settled in the region without the Islamic Republic of Iran’s partnership and companionship,” he said.

Amoli Larijani pointed to Netanyahu’s remarks, and said, “How stupid the prime minister of the child-killer (Israeli) regime should be to think that the Iranian nation would give up its rights under threats.”

He described the Iranian nation’s rights as the country’s unchangeable redline, and said Iran can continue progress despite sanctions, adding that even western leaders such as US President Barack Obama have also admitted that sanctions and pressures have not been effective in preventing Iran’s progress.

By Fars News Agency