Iran daily: Foreign Minister Zarif — “Failure in nuclear talks is not end of world”

While maintaining hope for a nuclear agreement with the US and other powers, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that failure “will not be the end of the world”.

Zarif said in an interview on Saturday:

There is still a chance of more than 50% for the attainment of an agreement, and I feel that both sides believe that success and attainment of an agreement will be much better and useful than failure in the negotiations.

Yet failure in reaching an understanding will not be the end of the world; however, both sides have spent their time and political prestige in the success of these talks.

Iran and the US held four days of discussions last week to try and close “significant gaps” to reach a comprehensive agreement by July 1. Tehran has reportedly made concessions over its uranium enrichment and holding of nuclear fuel; however, it is insisting that US-led sanctions be lifted within months of an agreement.

Zarif restated the position on Saturday:

As it was said in the [interim] Geneva agreement [of November 2013], as long as an agreement is not made on all issues, nothing has been agreed on….

Removal of the UN Security Council sanctions is not complicated and merely depends on the political will (of the other side.

Iran and the US, joined by European Union foreign policy chiefs, are scheduled to renew talks on Saturday.

By EA WorldView