New York Times gives Op-Ed space to anti-Israel Iranian ambassador

Gholamali Khoshroo, Special Adviser to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, speaks at the 2013 Rhodes Forum on the "Dialogue of Civilizations," in this still image taken from a YouTube video, Jan 26, 2015.  (photo by World Public Forum)

Gholamali Khoshroo, Special Adviser to Iranian President Mohammad Khatami, speaks at the 2013 Rhodes Forum on the “Dialogue of Civilizations,” in this still image taken from a YouTube video, Jan 26, 2015. (photo by World Public Forum)

While congress was still standing to applaud and shake hands with Benjamin Netanyahu, the media was making a beeline towards anyone that would discredit him – such as congressman Luis Gutierrez. Gutierrez said he did not attend the speech because he “didn’t want to be a part of a political prop” two weeks before the Israeli elections. Which is a strange coming from someone that routinely uses illegal immigrants as political props.

The New York Times saw Gutierrez’s demagoguing and decided they could do one better, give op-ed space to Iranian ambassador to the U.N., Gholamali Khoshroo. Khoshroo was called up from Triple-A after Iran’s first choice, Hamid Abutalebi, was denied the ambassadorship due to his involvement in the taking of 52 hostagesat the US embassy in Tehran.

Khoshroo is on the record calling Israel the “main-problem” in the Middle East and has said that Arab countries need to “unite around resistance against Israel”.

On a quick side note, you’ll notice the Jew hater’s article, entitled “Netanyahu’s Nuclear Deception” located adjacent to an article about Holocaust survivors.

UNITED NATIONS — In the address on Tuesday to the United States Congress by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, we witnessed a new peak in the long-running hype over Iran’s nuclear energy program. Yet all his predictions about how close Iran was to acquiring a nuclear bomb have proved baseless.

Despite that, alarmist rhetoric on the theme has been a staple of Mr. Netanyahu’s career. In an interview with the BBC in 1997, he accused Iran of secretly “building a formidable arsenal of ballistic missiles,” predicting that eventually Manhattan would be within range. In 1996, he stood before Congress and urged other nations to join him to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear capability, stressing that “time is running out.” Earlier, as a member of Parliament, in 1992, he predicted that Iran would be able to produce a nuclear weapon within three to five years.

In front of world leaders at the United Nations in September 2012, Mr. Netanyahu escalated his warnings by declaring that Iran could acquire the bomb within a year. It is ironic that in doing so, he apparently disregarded the assessment of his own secret service: A recently revealed document showed that the Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, had advised that Iran was “not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons.” The United States intelligence community had reached the same conclusion in its National Intelligence Estimate.

Gholamali Khoshroo spent the rest of the article – which you can read here – accusing Benjamin Netanyahu of making “false alarms and outlandish claims both to serve his domestic political maneuvering and to create a smoke screen that relegates the Palestinian question to the margins”.

Although, just last week National Intelligence Director James Clapper said, in a briefing with the Senate Armed Services Committee, that “Iran poses a threat to its neighbors in the Middle East and faces no barriers in producing a nuclear weapon”.

It’s interesting that the New York Times – whose writers routinely claim to support marriage equality, women’s rights, and other various social justice initiatives – is so quick to accept the Islamo-Nazi narrative coming from Tehran. The same Tehran where homosexuals are hanged, women are beheaded, and political dissidents are executed.

Netanyahu committed the great sin of making Obama look, as the National Journal put it, “petty and churlish”. The New York Times, in order to protect the honor of the their beloved, Barrack Obama, immediately sidelined their alleged morals and sought out the services of a Jew hater to discredit Netanyahu.

This article was written by Michael Spangler (PBUH) for Spang Nation on March 4, 2015.