Iran supports dialogue among Yemeni political factions: Afkham

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham

Tehran, March 4, IRNA – Iran supports dialogue among various Yemeni political factions, Foreign Ministry Spokeswomen Marzieh Afkham said on Wednesday.

Iran supports dialogue among all Yemeni political factions and believes that any agreement should satisfy all Yemeni groups, she added.

Afkham said foreign interference will not help resolve the Yemen crisis.

The Yemeni delegation’s visit to Iran aimed to help facilitate dispatch of Iranian humanitarian relief for Yemeni nation, she added.

Yemen has been grippled by turmoil since a popular uprising that erupted in 2011 ended the autocracy of President Ali Abdullah Saleh a year later.

The Houthi (Ansarullah) forces seized control of Sana’a in September of 2014 and have since then moved to extend their control to other provinces.

The revolutionaries say the former government was incapable of establishing security and had permanently failed in managing the administrative affairs of the impoverished Muslim country.

Ansarullah is now ruling Yemen and its fighters have struck major success in defeating and pushing back the Al-Qaeda groups operating in the Southern parts of the country.

**UN Annual Report, Regrettable

Commenting on 2015 World Nowruz Festival, the spokeswomen said that no timetable for holding the ceremonies have been scheduled between the member states.

Answering a question about recent UN annual report on violation of human rights in Iran, she called the anti-Iranian report, repetition of faked reports on Iran which undermine UN neutrality.

It is regrettable that the Human Right Council did not refer to illegal sanctions against the Iranian nation as a violation of human rights, Afkham said.

She offered condolences to the Afghan nation and government over the avalanche that claimed the lives of 300 Afghan people.

Referring to postponement of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to Iran, she said that date of the visit has not been fixed yet.

**Tehran keen to enhance ties with Riyadh

Answering a question about Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal’s resignation, Afkham said that the issue has not been confirmed yet.

Tehran is willing to enhance bilateral ties with Riyadh and Saudi ambassador to Iran will start work after the end of bureaucratic processes, she added.

**Western media reports, biased

The spokeswoman noted that any nuclear agreement should guarantee Iran’s right as a member of NPT and normalize Iran’s nuclear issue in the IAEA, she added.

Afkham noted that Iran does not approve of the western media reports on Iran-G5+1 negotiations because some of them aim to sabotage the process of talks.