Afkham slams Netanyahu anti-Iran speech at US Congress

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham

Tehran, March 3, IRNA – A senior official at the Foreign Ministry said Iranophobic speech of the Zionist regime Prime Minister at the US Congress was part of his campaign for the upcoming legislative elections.

Spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry Marziyeh Afkham made the remarks while commenting on the anti-Iran address of Benjamin Netanyahu to the US lawmakers which coincided with the ongoing nuclear talks between f Iran and the Gtoup 5+1 in Switzerland.

It was a completely “deceitful show and a part of electoral campaign made by radicals in Tel Aviv,” Afkham said.

She added that Netanyahu’s speech “indicated his weakness and extreme isolation of the radical groups even among their supporters.

“This is also an effort to impose their radical and irrational agenda on international policy.”

“There is no doubt that the world public opinion gives no value or status to a child-killer regime,” Afkham stressed.

She said ‘constant lying of Netanyahu about goals and purposes of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program is very much boring and not new.’

The policy of Iranophobia has faced serious problems following the continuation of the nuclear talks and due to Iran’s firm intention to resolve the fabricated nuclear crisis. It also led the creators of those crises and propaganda to resort to desperate efforts.

In his address to the US Congress today, the Zionist leader warned them of what he claimed to be making a bad deal with Iran.

However, the White House described his controversial statements as unhelpful.

Shortly after the Israeli prime minister ranted against the ongoing Iran nuclear talks, President Barack Obama told reports that Netanyahu ‘did not offer any viable alternative.”

The US President said there was ‘nothing new’ in Netanyahu’s speech.