Iran’s police chief deplores violation of civil rights in West

Iran's police chief Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam

Iran’s police chief Brigadier General Esmail Ahmadi-Moqaddam

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Esmaeil Ahmadi Moqaddam on Wednesday rapped Western countries over violating the privacy of their citizens, saying that such an approach is not acceptable in Iran.

 Referring to the “intelligence-based” approach adopted by the police in Western countries following the September 11 attack, Ahmadi Moqaddam condemned the violation of Western citizens’ privacy in the name of ensuring security.

People’s security was announced to be prior to their consent, and under such a pretext, Western police forces dared to wiretap people’s conversations, Iranian police chief explained in a national security conference in Tehran.

“We would never accept such an intelligence-based approach adopted by Western countries,” he stressed.

Western spying agencies have escalated their surveillance programs in recent years following the 9/11 attacks in the US.

US President Barack Obama in 2013 signed into law a bill that allows government agencies to wiretap Americans without a warrant. This raised serious concern about citizens’ privacy and constitutional rights.

Rights groups, activists and others have also voiced their concerns about the law, stating that it adds to a trend since 9/11 that has stripped citizens their civil rights in the name of national security.

In a similar vein, the current National Defense Authorization Act gives the government the power to indefinitely detain US citizens without trial if certain conditions are met.

By Tasnim News Agency