Iran: Turkish invasion of Syria could endanger entire region

Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim Jafari (L) & Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (R). (File Photo)

Iraqi foreign minister Ibrahim Jafari (L) & Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (R). (File Photo)

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned against any kind of aggression against the regional countries, saying that such moves could pose a major threat to the security of the entire region.

“In our view respecting territorial integrity and not using force in international relations is a fundamental and rigid principle in the international law and disrespecting this principle could be of no help to the establishment of security in the region; we ask all the neighboring and regional countries to seriously and accurately consider this important principle because deviating from this path could pose a serious danger to the region,” Zarif said when asked by reporters during a joint press conference with his Iraqi counterpart Ibrahim Jafari in Baghdad on Tuesday to comment on the recent Turkish aggression against Syria.

Elsewhere, the Iranian foreign minister reminded that Iran was the first country to rush to Iraq’s aid when the neighboring state came under attack by the terrorists, and said Tehran will continue to accompany the Iraqi government and nation in their fight against the terrorists.

Meantime, Zarif stressed that Iraq should play the central role in the fight against Takfiri terrorists, reiterating that foreign aid to the war against ISIL in Iraq should be extended and coordinated through Baghdad.

Also speaking at the same press conference, the Iraqi foreign minister said that certain states are unfortunately rendering blatant support for terrorism against Iraq.

Jafari underlined that the Baghdad government would not allow any country to undermine Iraq’s sovereignty either directly or indirectly.

The Iraqi foreign minister further stressed that Iraq is capable of coordinating military operations against ISIL, and called for collective efforts in the war on ISIL.

Jafari said in implied reference to the US-led coalition that his country welcomes foreign logistic, security and military backup, “but no foreign country will be allowed to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs”.

The Iraqi foreign minister said that his country is trying to establish friendly relations with its neighbors, and said that during his meeting with Zarif they discussed lifting diplomatic and service visa requirements.

Jafari reminded that the ISIL is the common enemy of all the regional countries, and said, “The presence of the ISIL has caused Iraq and the regional countries to develop common interests.”

Zarif arrived in Baghdad on Tuesday to discuss new avenues for enhancing all-out ties between the two Muslim neighboring states.

Upon his arrival in Baghdad International Airport earlier today, Zarif underlined the highly special, profound and extensive relations between Tehran and Baghdad and the necessity for continued talks between the two countries’ officials.

“We enjoy very special, deep and extensive relations and are therefore in vital need for exchanging political views,” Zarif said.

Iraqi President Fouad Massoum recently thanked Iran for helping Iraq in its fight against the ISIL, and expressed the hope that the two countries’ relations would further expand in future.

By Fars News Agency