Terrorists unable to prevent pilgrimage between Iran, Iraq

Flags of Iran & Iraq

Flags of Iran & Iraq

Baghdad, Feb 23, IRNA – Iraqi Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Adil Fahd al-Sharshab called his country’s relations with Iran ‘excellent’, saying even terrorist acts have not been able to prevent pilgrims from travelling between the two countries.

Speaking to IRNA, al-Sharshab said numerous common points join the two countries and the pilgrims who travel between Iran and Iraq have strong religious beliefs, which is a response to the terrorists.

He pointed to a memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries in 2012, adding that the officials of Iran and Iraq will have two meetings a year to regulate the pilgrimages made by millions of Iraqis and Iranians every year.

Al-Sharshab also referred to last week visit of Iran’s First Vice President Is’haq Jahangiri to Iraq, saying it was an opportunity to discuss problems related to tourism between the two countries and sign new MoUs.

Since economic relations have an important role in developing bilateral ties, he added, the two sides are doing their best to implement the agreements in this field.