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Iran plans exporting dairy products to Russia

Flags of Iran & Russia

Flags of Iran & Russia

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Secretary General of Iranian Food Stuff Associations Kaveh Zargaran said the country plans to send dairy products to Russia as representative of Russian Veterinary Organization would visit Iran in coming days.

Russian officials have already called for buying Iranian goods in written, he said, adding Russia is trying to replace imported goods market with other countries as relations between Russia and the West strained following Ukrainian crisis.

Representatives of Russian Veterinary Organization would visit Iran on March 4 take the first step for burying Iranian dairy products, he said.

The Russian officials would visit three large Iranian dairy factories during the visit.

Iran and Russia signed a contract to increase their cooperation in agricultural fields, specially export of Iran’s livestock and fishery products to Russia.

Iran-Russia trade currently totals $5bln a year, but economists say the two countries can multiply the volume of their trade exchanges.