Leader’s top aide warns US to stop propaganda about N. talks with Iran

 Iranian Supreme Leader's top aide Ali Akbar Velayati

Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Supreme Leader’s top aide Ali Akbar Velayati cautioned Washington to stop misleading the public about Iran’s participation in the nuclear talks, saying negotiation with the US over Tehran’s nuclear program is no privilege to the Islamic Republic.

“Undoubtedly, the Islamic Republic of Iran favors negotiations and it has announced its readiness for negotiations since the very first day that the issue of Iran’s nuclear program was raised and has never avoided negotiation,” Velayati told reporters in Tehran on Sunday after meeting with Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan Nicholas Haysom.

“But, it is wrong for the US to imagine and launch propaganda about the talks in a way as if the negotiations were an advantage that it is giving to Iran. It is them who need the negotiations…,” he added.

Velayati underlined Iran’s firm stance to defend its nuclear rights, and said the world powers will fail in their plots if they want to impose their will and goals on Tehran.

Stressing that Iran doesn’t adjust its behavior according to the Americans’ attitude and judgment, he said it was them who wanted negotiations and Iran gave them a positive response based on the international rules and regulations.

His remarks came in reaction to the recent statements of US Secretary of State John Kerry. On Saturday, Kerry said that US President Barack Obama “is fully prepared to stop these talks if he feels that they’re not being met with the kind of productive decision-making necessary to prove that a program is in fact peaceful”.

Earlier today, a member of the Iranian negotiating team downplayed Kerry’s remarks, and said, “Such comments are normal and natural.”

“Since the experts meetings at the level of deputy foreign ministers and foreign ministries’ political directors are being held, such comments may have their special use,” the negotiator was quoted as saying by Iran’s state-run TV on Sunday.

By Fars News Agency