‘The achieved accords sufficient to the final deal’

former Iran nuclear negotiator

former Iran nuclear negotiator

Tehran, Feb 21, The Iran Project – Iran’s former senior diplomat reiterates the Iran’s unprecedented flexibility and goodwill in talks with the P5+1 countries over its nuclear program, addressing  a large crowd of the Southern Carolina people on Friday, ISNA reported.

‘The accords have been achieved so far are sufficient to sign the final deal, since it guarantees Iran’s full commitment to NPT, both within and beyond its framework, such as enriching uranium to five-percent purity level and no reprocessing of heavy water establishments in Arak,’ says Hossein Mousavian.

Mousavian, former Iran nuclear negotiator invited by the World Affairs Council of Hilton Head, went on to say that Iran and US should end long-decade nuclear dispute soon, in order to solve the Middle East’s larger crisis, to wipe out the Takfiri terrorist groups off the region’s map and to help create the sustainable peace and stability in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syrian, Yemen, Libya and other region’s vulnerable countries.

‘The mutual respect, common interests and the principle of non-intervention are the ways to end the hostility toward Iran’ he added.

The invitation of Netanyahu, the Israel Prime Minister, to deliver speech in the US Congress was another issue was considered by Mousavian. He also suggested the US congressional leaders, ‘invite the Iran president to congress to hear Iranian side, too’. His remark was warmly welcomed by the audience and made him directly ask Mark Sanford, the Representative for South Carolina in US congress, to submit the idea to the congress.