Iran exporting carpet to 80 countries worldwide

File photo shows Iranian handwoven carpets

File photo shows Iranian handwoven carpets

YAZD, Feb. 18 (MNA) – The Chairman of Iran National Carpet Center has said the exports of the current year have been improved compared with those in few recent years.

Hamid Kargar who was attending the opening ceremony of Yazd national carpet exhibition on Wednesday said that Iran’s exports to more than 80 countries exceeded $235mn, showing 21 per cent growth in terms of value. “Germany, Sweden, Japan, and the UAE are the main destinations of Iranian carpet; Yazd has a good place in carpet exports, with Germany as the main destination of the carpets woven in the province,” he told reporters.

Kargar expressed hopes that holding exhibitions would contribute positively to publicizing carpet producers and find international markets for exports.

Yazd exhibition of hand-woven carpets will be held February 18-23 in Yazd Permanent Fairground. The exhibition will host 13 carpet producers in 87 pavilions in an area of 2,000 square meters. The public would visit the exhibition 16-22 hours local time.

By Mehr News Agency