Iranian Mercantile Exchange polymer trading hits 25 KT

Iranian Mercantile Exchange complex

Iranian Mercantile Exchange complex

TEHRAN (ISNA)- The Iranian Mercantile Exchange (IME) traded 25 KT of polymer products.

31 grades of polymer products from Arvand, Amirkabir, Abadan, Aryasasol, Bandar Emam, Tabriz, Takht Jamshid, Tondgouyan, Jam, Rejal, Shazand, Laleh, Maron, Mehr, Navidzar Shimi and various types of PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, SBR were traded in the oil and petrochemical trading floor of the IME on Tuesday.

Among other traded products of this trading floor, 4,973 MT of VB, 200 MT of Slug wax were traded and the trade volume of 26,040 MT of various types of bitumen were recorded in the export trading floor of the IME.

In the metals and minerals trading floor of IME, 220MT of Billet 6063-7, 100MT of T-bar EC1350 and 1KT of alloy ingot from Iran Aluminum Company were traded. In the Esfahan Steel company, 5KT of bloom, also, 4,016 MT of rebar A3-12-25 and 930 MT of I-beam 24 were traded.

In the agricultural trading floor of IME, 350 MT of frozen chicken and 200 MT of sugar, 300 MT of maize with the base price of $0.29 and 1,490 MT of maize from Brazil were traded.

Based on this report, more than 72Kt of products with the total value of $51,574,375 were traded in the spot market of the IME.