Iran to build new oil export terminals in Persian Gulf

Iran oil export terminals in Persian GulfTehran, Feb 14, IRNA – Iran’s new oil export terminals are to be established in Jask, Lavan, Siri and Qeashm with an aim of diversifying oil export bases and developing the existing capacities.

The Kharg terminal is being considered as the most important oil terminals in Iran as such that over 90% of crude oil exports of the country is carried out through this terminal.

Kharg export terminal has two jetties: T in the east with a length of 1840 meters and the capacity of simultaneous docking of 6 oil tankers up to 300 thousand tons and Azarpad in the west of the island with capability of docking giant oil tankers with over 500 thousand tons capacity.

Given the limitations which can be the reason for the export of a major part of oil in the country through one terminal, officials of the Oil Ministry have put establishment of new export terminals on agenda and accordingly four new terminals are to be established in the Persian gulf or be developed.

On this basis, Jask terminal as the second oil export terminal will become operational soon. The Jask terminal is located in Hormuzgan Province and on the coastline of the Gulf of Oman and its operation can reduce the distance for tanker transportation.

Establishment of a 2,200-km pipeline and storage tanks with a capacity of 20 million barrels are among measures that will be taken for the operation of Jask terminal.

According to Pirouz Musavi, Managing Director of Oil Terminal Company, planning has been made for the establishment of similar terminals in Lavan and Siri.

The Lavan Island which is Iran’s largest island in the Persian Gulf waters after Qeshm and Kish is in Hormuzgan Province.

Oil reserves in the waters close to Lavan Island are outstanding and oil platforms of Salman, Resalat and Reshadat are located in its neighborhood.

The 18-km Siri Island is in the vicinity of Abu Musa and is 152 mile from Bandar Abbas. Five oil fields of Alvand, Nosrat, Dena, Sivand and Ilam are located in the vicinity of the island and produce over 100 thousand barrels of oil per day.