South Pars gas condensate exports hit 9.3 mb

South Pars Gas Condensate ExportsTEHRAN Feb 09(Shana)–Gas condensate exports from the South Pars gas field phase 12 hit 9.3 million barrels after loading an 850 thousand barrels cargo recently.
Operator of the phase 12 Rasoul Fallahnejad said gas refining facilities of the phase are processing 68 million cubic meters of gas per day of which 10 to 15 million cubic meters are taken from IGAT_5 as sour gas and are injected to the gas gird after sweetening.

He added gas processing capacity of the phase’s onshore installations has hit as much as 75 million cubic meters after launching the sixth train of the phase.

Currently more than 50 million cubic meters of sour gas are being produced from A, B and C platforms of the phase and the second desulphurization unit of the phase will be launched in next 10 days as well.

Phase 12 contains 4 percent of total gas reserves of South Pars gas field which is slightly less than one percent of the total world gas.

So far about six million tons of sweet gas has been produced from the phase, worth more than 1.5 billion dollars.

The country earns 237 million dollars each month from the phases12 products.