Commander: Solid air defense covers 3,600 points of Iranian air space

Farzad EsmailiTehran, Feb 9, IRNA – Commander of Khatamol Anbiya Air Defense Base said on Monday a solid air defense covering 3,600 points of the Iranian air space has ensured full defense of the Islamic land’s skies.
 ‘Thanks God, today we see that the Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s recommendations on self sufficiency and Jihadi movement are fully materialized in our defense technology, placing us at a very satisfactory status, but we have not stopped there, as our onward progress continues,’ said Brigadier General Farzad Esma’eili, addressing a commemoration service for war martyrs.

‘Our progressive status is due to the might of our armed forces and our futuristic approach; the near and far threats in the future urge the country’s air defense to realize at which point it stands and which destination it desires to achieve,’ he said.

‘The distance between our status quo and our ideal status is not too far, though, and the ultimate goal is quite within our reach,’ he added.

He said that 36 years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution we are capable of not yielding to the illegitimate demands of the global oppression (oppressor powers), and that means achieving our major objective.

‘The personnel of the air defense base need to have modern equipment to enable them to resist against the complicated and diversified threats posed in the world today,’ he added.