Iran, Belarus discuss central depository cooperation

Iran-Belarus flagsTehran, Feb 8, IRNA – Managing Director of the National Depository Center of Belarus, Valentina Timoshenko in a meeting with the representatives of the Iranian Central Securities Depository and Settlement Funds Company (SAMAT) said with the cooperation of the two companies grounds will be prepared for the connection of stock exchanges of the two countries.
 She pointed to the membership of Iran and Belarus stock exchanges in the Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges (FEAS) and said through transfer of the experiences of each other the required infrastructures will be provided for the cooperation of stock exchanges of the two countries.

At the conclusion of the meeting it was decided to prepare the preliminaries for getting acquainted with the advantages and characteristics of capital markets in both the countries in technical and specialized session in order to launch operations in this regard.

Membership in three major international FEAS, ACG and OIC institutes and signing of a memorandum of understanding with Takas Bank of Turkey, Central Registration Agency of Turkey (CRA), CDCPL of Pakistan, KPEI and KSEI of Indonesia, KSD of South Korea, MCD of Oman, NCCPL of Pakistan and Depository Company of China are among major international activities of the Iranian Central Securities Depository and Settlement Funds Company.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Iranian company in recent months have started negotiations with the Croatian Depository Company (CDCC) and the Swiss Incentage Company for entering into European financial markets in order to pave the way for international cooperation between Iran’s capital market and other world financial markets.