Minister of Energy warns over limited water supplies

Khorramabad, Feb 3, IRNA – Iranian Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian who travelled to Khorramabad to inaugurate Ewoshan Dam has warned over the shortage in the countryˈs water supplies.
ˈAlthough our country is rich in energy resources like oil and gas, we are facing major shortages with regard to water supplies,ˈ he said on Monday.

Chitchian said rainfalls in the country have decreased nearly 24%, and added, ˈYet in case we use the existing amount properly there would not be a major problem.ˈ

He also said there are already 119 dams to be inaugurated. ˈIf we follow the right path in agriculture with regards to water usage and lean more towards green-house farming, we would not only overcome the water shortage crisis, but will be able to improve our production up to 10 times.ˈ

ˈWe should facilitate our fields with proper watering systems in order to boost our production. Also, in the industrial sector, we can replace water wells and clean water supplies with sewer water,ˈ Chitchian said.

According to the energy minister, the country is running out of water supplies in some regions, ˈSo we are to watch the amount of underground water supplies in plains carefully.ˈ

Inaugurating the dam of Ewoshan in Khorramabad, Chitchian said that considering the orders of President Hassan Rouhani, the Management and Planning Organization has doubled the water-related budget of the region.


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