Obama: Iran responsible player in nuclear talks

US President Barack Obama has acknowledged that Iran remains committed to an interim nuclear agreement it signed with six world powers.

In an interview with CNN, Obama said Iran has abided by the terms of the deal and has not advanced its nuclear program as agreed upon in Geneva in 2013.

“They have not advanced their nuclear program,” said Obama.

Describing the Islamic Republic as a “responsible player,” the president said the negotiating partners “had the chance of providing a mechanism where we can verify that Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon.”

Obama expressed dismay at Congress attempts to impose new sanctions on Iran over its nuclear energy program, describing them “as a violation of the interim agreement.”

“But my argument is, for the United States Congress to insist on imposing new sanctions that all our partners, as well as the Iranians, can interpret as a violation of the interim agreement — for us to undermine diplomacy at this critical time — for no good reason is a mistake,” Obama insisted.

The US president reiterated to veto Iran sanctions legislation “if it comes up.”

The Republican-led Congress is pushing for a new round of sanctions against Iran if nuclear negotiations between Tehran and the P5+1 group fail to reach an agreement by a July deadline.

Iran and the P5+1 countries — the US, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany — are making intensive efforts to narrow their differences and pave the way for a final, long-term nuclear accord.

By Press TV

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