The Canadian professor of globalization studies: The letter of Iran’s Leader is inspirational

(By Anthony Hall) — I had already read the inspired letter from the Supreme Leader to North American and European youth. I noticed that the Ayatollah Khamenei referred specifically to academics who write about issues in the past like the genocide of Indigenous peoples, slavery, imperialism and such.

The original misrepresentation of what did and did not happen on 9/11 has been very instrumental in giving murderous intensity to the currently round of Zionist-fomented, Zionist-exploited Islamophobia. 

This intensity of Islamophobia in the poisoned minds of many Westerners is being stimulated anew with the kind of Zionist-fomented false flag terror events that took place on Ottawa on Oct. 22, in Sydney Australia in December and in recent days in Paris. These violent, stage managed episodes are all a part of truly diabolical process of rebranding the so-called Global War on Terror. A major aspect of this rebranding is to replace the US-constructed enemy of al-Qaeda with the Zionist-constructed enemy of ISIL/DAESH. 

I have already explained this process on a Press TV report where I was asked to comment on the phenomenon that the US Armed Forces have been parachute dropping weaponry directly to ISIL units. As with the outcome of the 9/11 deception, the real beneficiary of the deceptions of ISIL/DAESH is the government of Israel whose operatives are clearly hard at work stage managing a psychological operation with the object of further poisoning the minds of Westerners. 

The resulting stimulation of Islamophobia is part of the necessary task of preparing a sick and psychotic mental environment to create citizen support for the military operations aimed at dividing Iraq, a process that may well be a prelude to the future eastward expansion of Israel’s territorial base towards the Persian Gulf.

Obviously these machinations extend to Zionist plans for the demise of the Islamic Republic of Iraq in its present form. The background of this evil intent needs to be emphasized. Clearly the recent background of anti-Iranian operations includes Israeli-American cyberattacks on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program, the Zionist-directed murder of Iranian nuclear scientists, frequent surges of economic warfare directed at Iran in the name of so-called “sanctions,” and the Zionist-directed MeK terror attacks. These and many other acts of aggression signal the unbroken intent of Zionist forces, including the Zionist federal government of Canada, to destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran as presently constituted. 

Justice-minded citizens of conscience the world over must join together to see that this ongoing war crime, this crime against all humanity, is not pushed to its ultimate conclusion, to see that the process of aggression is reversed to move towards peace, trade and the reciprocity of harmony between bothers and sisters throughout the world. Indeed, the prospect of moving towards peace, prosperity, and a federation of enlightened stability in the global community depends very much on working together to bring about a future where the people and government of Iran can assume their proper places as well integrated members of the community of nations, as respected sources of spiritual nourishment. 

I would be happy to see these words passed along in the direction of the Supreme Leader. I believe there are some colleagues in Iran and elsewhere with enough knowledge of my work that they could vouch for the veracity of the assertions I am making about how my prior studies have given rise to the ideas I am expressing here and have expressed in a number of public venues in North America and Iran. As the Supreme Leaders has emphasized, it is very important at this crucial moment in history to raise awareness in the West about the sources of Islamophobia; about the way this severe contamination of the mental environment has been created and exploited by Zionist operatives to advance a very dark and demented agenda of global despoliation.


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