MP: US Congress slightest move will face Majlis reaction

Tehran, Jan 29, IRNA – A senior Iranian lawmaker said on Thursday that any move by the US Congress to mount anti-Iran sanctions will force Iranian Majlis to take necessary action leading to advancement of peaceful nuclear activities including uranium enrichment.
“The US Congress slightest measure to increase sanctions against Iran will oblige Majlis to take actions leading to progress of Iran’s nuclear goals and uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes,” The Iranian Majlis (Parliament) First Vice-Speaker Mohammad Hassan Aboutorabifard stressed.

Speaking to reporters, the MP warned Washington to “Learn from its previous lessons” regarding Iran.

If the Group 5+1 has accepted Iran’s authority and is currently in talks with the country on the basis of an equal footing it is because Tehran has insisted on its positions and is to pursue them more stronger than before, the MP stressed.

He said the latest achievements made in the fields of the heavy water project, 19,000 centrifuges and the Fordo nuclear site are all the outcomes of government’s relentless efforts in the field of peaceful nuclear activities which was urged by the Iranian Majlis.

Aboutorabifard made the remarks while commenting on latest reports that said the Republican and Democratic lawmakers in the US Congress have completed a new bill to impose further sanctions on Iran despite White House warnings.

President Barack Obama warned US lawmakers on January 16 not to trigger new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, saying such a move would upset diplomatic talks. He also said he would veto any bill calling for new sanctions on Iran.



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