Israel strikes Syria with at least 15 shells in response to earlier attack

In response to an earlier rocket attack, allegedly fired from Syria, Israel has fired at least 15 shells at Syria’s Golan Heights.

MOSCOW, January 27 (Sputnik) — The Israeli army struck Syria’s Golan Heights with at least 15 shells in response to an earlier rocket attack from within the country, a source in the Syrian army told Sputnik Arabic Tuesday.

“Israel launched about 15 artillery shells that exploded in wasteland near al-Amal farmlands, in Syrian territories… There is no dead or injured. This firing was a response to the launching of rockets of unknown origin from Syria’s side,” the source said.Earlier on Tuesday, at least two rockets, allegedly fired from Syria, struck northern Israel’s Mount Hermon, in the Golan Heights. The strike caused air raid sirens to go off and prompted the evacuation of a nearby ski resort. No deaths or damage has been reported.

The situation along Israel’s northern borders intensified on December 18, 2014, when media reports cited sources in Hezbollah stating that an Israeli helicopter fired missiles at a group of militants near the Syrian town of Quneitra on the Golan Heights border. The attack claimed six lives.

Hezbollah pledged that the response to the killing of its fighters would be “fierce” and “destructive.”

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