Parl. admonish Rouhani on people with dual citizenship in govt.

TEHRAN, Jan. 25 (MNA) – 13 parliamentarians admonished Rouhani on appointment of people with dual Iranian-American citizenship in government high positions.

The written ‘question’ delivered to the Parliament board reportedly addressed President Rouhani’s head of office. The draft of the question demanded that career of people with dual citizenships in the government be terminated.

The letter addressed to president, refers Hassan Rouhani to an article of the Constitution proscribing the appointment of individuals with dual citizenship to government sinecures; “unfortunately, we have been informed that a high official in your office has a dual Iranian-American citizenship; appointing of these individuals to government political, economic and intelligence high positions would jeopardize the country,” reads the letter, “you know well that individuals with sensitive positions in the government could not take oath of allegiance to any other country.”

The letter strongly discourages recruitment of individuals with dual citizenships; “the Cabinet should wisely avoid the troubles created by appointing of personalities with dual citizenship and if in office, remove them from the position,” the letter recommended.

By Mehr News Agency

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