Eclectic sector seeking presence in neighbors markets

TEHRAN Jan 26(Shana)–The chairman of the board of directors of Iran’s Electricity Industry Syndicate Alireza Kolahi has said that Iranian electric companies are seeking to boost their presence in the neighboring countries’ markets.

In statements to Shana, Kolahi said: “With regard to the current situation of the country and falling oil prices, Iranian electric companies have expressed their readiness to boost exports of technical and engineering services to neighboring countries.

He added the government is expected to advocate non-oil exports at a time when the price of oil is in decline in the markets, especially due to existence a very desirable space in the neighboring countries including Iraq, Azerbaijan Republic and Armenia for exports of engineering and technical services.

“In case of reasonable support, electric industry is able to export between 10 to 15 billion dollars of technical and engineering services to Iraq annually which not only will be a good contribution to generating jobs at home but making foreign exchange revenues. Currently, Iran’s share in Iraq market stands at just 10 percent”, he told Shana.

According to Kolahi, Iranian companies are regarded in other counties as renowned brands due to enjoying desirable infrastructures, thus reinforcing diplomacy could facilitate their activities abroad.



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