Borujerdi: Zionists pursue weakening of Lebanon resistance movement

Tehran, Jan 19, IRNA – Israeli criminal acts in southern Lebanon are aimed at weakening Lebanon resistance movement and in line with terrorism and occupation in the region, Chairman of Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said on Monday.
  In a letter to the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, following the Zionists’ criminal air raid in south of Syria, Alaeddin Borujerdi condoled with him on pride-inspiring martyrdom of a number of Hezbollah combatants.

‘To our great sorrow, we were informed of the martyrdom of a number of Lebanese Hezbollah combatants, including Mr. Jihad Muqniyyah, the son of prominent martyred combatant Imad Muqniyyah in the terrorist air raid of the Zionist regime in southern Syria province of Qunaitarah,’ wrote Borujerdi in his message.

‘This loathsome crime is in direct contrast with the international law and regulations, which have in countless occasions been breached by the occupier, warmonger Zionists aimed at weakening the resistance movement of Lebanon in its campaign against Israeli terrorism and occupation,’ he said in the message.

Expressing sympathy with the brave Lebanese nation and the bereaved family members of the Hezbollah martyrs in the attack, Borujerdi has expressed certainty in his message that the shed blood of the martyrs will ensure the victorious resistance movement throughout the region, urging the usurper Zionists to feel regretful for their criminal acts.



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