Ebtekar warns polluting manufactures, industries

TEHRAN, Jan. 18 (MNA) – Vice-president and head of Department of Environment has said polluting automakers and other industries would receive warnings should they fail to comply with standards.

Masoumeh Ebtekar, who was speaking in the conference ‘Again Cometh Azure Skies’ held to commemorate Clean Air Day on Sunday, said that country’s great industries should present a report of their output in terms of polluting the environment to the Department so that “we can apply necessary regulations and monitors over their performance.”

“These industries should work to address and resolve environment issues and glitches; otherwise, they would receive warnings,” Ebtekar emphasized, “these industries could enjoy short-term correction deadlines, at the end of which they would be punished accordingly in the case they fail to implement corrective measures.”

Ebtekar noted that the photochemical smog was an important and undeniable indicator of air pollution, “which has been a matter of hot debates in the meetings of Supreme Council for the Environment, and the Council has drafted comprehensive national and provincial work plans to address the issue,” she added, promising good news for the public in the meeting of Clean Air Day in January 19.

Ebtekar said that an issue as air pollution reduction would require long-term complex set of solutions; “to reach the standards of pollution we should exercise patience, and should not underestimate coordination of different government bodies involved in improvements of environmental standards and indicators,” added deputy-president.

“So far 12 national and provincial sessions have addressed pollution reduction efforts and measures; the preliminary steps by the government are very valuable, considerably reducing the number of unhealthy days nationwide,” Ebtekar rejoiced to say, “one such effective measure has been ruling out home-made gasoline from the consumption cycle,” she said, which was only achieved through close collaboration with oil ministry.

“Currently, in most of megacities of the country, gasoline with Euro-4 standard is distributed to fuel stations; the Department works to improve the quality of fuel especially in electricity power plants,” Ebtekar noted. “In coordination with Ministry of Industries, Trade and Mines, automobiles are manufactured in compliance with Euro-4 standards, and we are resolved to stop issuing license plates for any vehicle falling short of this standard,” she warned.

Ebtekar also pointed to cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior Affairs to boost public transportation; “the Fuel Headquarters has plans to phase out the old cars; the road leading to a clean azure sky is a long road, entailing the collaboration of all organizations involved,” she concluded her remarks.

By Mehr News Agency

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