Minister: Reduced dependence on oil to help save Iran’s economy

Qom, Jan 15, IRNA – Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Ali Tayyebnia pointing to the oil price drop and impacts of sanctions said decision makings should be logical and in conformity with resistance economy in line with reducing dependence on oil.
  Speaking during a meeting with senior religious sources of emulation here on Thursday, Tayyebnia said 17 months have passed from the life of the 11th government and efforts have been made to manage serious problems that had been created in the country.

“Now we are faced with a grave situation. The oil prince has dropped from $105 to $40 and to solve this problem we need firm determination and coordination.”

He said the war that has been waged against Iran today is much worse than the Iraqi imposed war and today unity and convergence is needed and dispute is what the enemy desires.

The minister said that the new year budget has been forwarded to the Majlis with per barrel of oil set at $72 but considering the new situation it has been decided to adjust it and bring it down to $40.

He stressed on the revision in many cases of the budget bill and said the budgets and expenditures should be reformed in order to be able to resist against such pressures.

According to the minister support of the religious leaders and cooperation of the people under these hard circumstances will assist the government. He said the main point is to put aside disagreements and get united.

Stressing that fortunately people and religious sources of emulation support the government he said definitely in the absence of such support there would be no achievement.

He expressed hope that with the support of the clergy and coordination of all organizations the country will come out of the current situation caused by the oil price drop.



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