Nowshahr has potential to become exclusive port for agricultural exports

Nowshahr, Mazandaran Prov., Jan 15, IRNA – A senior official at Iran Ports and Maritime Organization said the Special Economic Zone in Nowshahr Port due to its specific geographical location and possessing the required infrastructures can become an exclusive port for export of agricultural, container and frigid products in the north of the country.
Speaking here on Wednesday, Jalil Eslami said the comprehensive plan of the Ports Organization is under study, adding that relative preparation among northern ports, competitiveness of reloading and loading companies to encourage them for marketing and commercialization of the port are among mechanisms for the development of the ports, northern ports in particular.

Meanwhile, Manouchehr Tatina, Director General of Ports and Marine Department of Mazandaran Province outlined the status quo and the horizon ahead of Nowshahr and Fereydounkenar ports and called for the assistance of officials for the removal of problems facing the department.

He referred to the maintenance of the required equipment, construction of multipurpose storage houses and process of cooperation with companies active in the field of reloading and loading of commodities as some of such problems.

He also pointed to lack of access to proper routes, lack of infrastructural facilities with regard to the change in import commodities in recent years and lack of proper terminals in western part of the province as the main impediments on the way of development of the well-known port of Nowshahr.

A delegation comprising officials of the Ports and Maritime Organization paid an inspection tour to Nowshahr and Fereydounkenar ports and were acquainted with the problems facing development of the ports in the fields of investment and tariffs.



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