Basij commander: Massacre of children in Gaza more painful than Paris terrorist attack

TEHRAN (FNA)- Although the terrorist attack in Paris was painful, it wasn’t more horrible than the massacre of over 500 Palestinian children in Gaza, but the latter never received such a wide condemnation by the European governments, Commander of Iran’s Basij (volunteer) Force Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi complained.

Addressing a gathering in the Northeastern city of Mashhad on Wednesday, Naqdi described the recent terrorist attack in France as a deceitful attempt by the European governments to justify the “the European regimes’ shameful support for the child-killing (of the Zionist regime)”, and said, “Such a disgraceful scenario doesn’t solve their problems” and raises new questions about these regimes’ policies.

“If the killing of a number of people in the blasphemous magazine Charlie Hebdo is ugly and national protests are needed against it, then why the killing of 2,000 Palestinians, including 578 children is not ugly? Why did you severely and violently suppress the popular protests which were held in condemnation of the (Israeli) massacre (of the Palestinians)?”

Naqdi also questioned France’s support for the brutal killing of the Muslims in Central Africa last year.

In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Naqdi blasted the masterminds of the recent terrorist attack in Paris, and said the attack was aimed at stopping the growing tides of Islam-seeking in Europe.

“Europe which is faced with an Islam-seeking wave has no way but committing crimes in Paris under the name of Islam,” Naqdi said, addressing a forum in Tehran.

He referred to the reports and analyses released by the western media outlets after the attack which killed 12 people in Paris, and said the reports were written with such a level of bias that the Israeli officials who had massacred thousands of innocent Palestinians last summer came to France to participate in the anti-terrorism protests.

He blasted France for sheltering terrorist groups, reminding that the country is one of the main supporters of Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

By Fars News Agency


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