Official: Senior ISIL leaders killed in Iraq’s Erbil

TEHRAN (FNA)- Kurdish forces killed six top ISIL commanders in two days of fighting near the town of Gwer, Erbil, Peshmarga officials said.

Peshmarga Commander of Gwer Frontline Sirwan Barzani said that the ISIL leaders were among dozens of dead terrorists killed during the recent clashes, Rudaw reported.

He identified the dead ISIL commanders as Abu Mina, Huzaifa Almani ( from Germany), Abu Hajar, Abu Zainab, Abu Hassan Ghazlani and Abu Ahmad.

ISIL Takfiri militants and Kurdish Peshmarga forces have been locked in intense fighting near the village of Sultan Abdullah, just days after the Kurdish forces repelled a major ISIL offensive on Gwer, less than 50 km outside Erbil.

By Fars News Agency


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