Nuclear deal possible through realism: Larijani

TEHRAN, Jan. 12 (MNA) – In a meeting with Cypriot FM, Larijani asserted that reaching a final agreement in nuclear talks needs the Western side to be realist and avoid political bargaining.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani met with Ioannis Kasoulides on Sunday in Tehran and the two officials discussed regional and international issues.

Larijani, pointing to the close relations of Iran and Cyprus, said political will of Iran and Cyprus officials to extend and develop the cooperation portrayed a clear and bright future for the two countries.

Larijani also praised the humanitarian positions of Cyprus regarding Gaza and massacre of its innocent people by the Israeli regime, and said that “logical stances of Cyprus are indicative of its realistic understanding of international and regional issues and crises.”

Emphasizing on the terrorism as the most important issue of the region, Larijani stated “supporting terrorism by some regional countries, dividing them into good and bad by Western countries, and exploiting them are some reasons why terrorism has spread in the region and even across the world.”

The official also stressed that nuclear talks needed being realist, recognition of Iran’s rights to peaceful nuclear energy, and avoiding political bargaining.

The Cypriot FM, meanwhile, noted the extension of ties and said “Cyprus, recognizing Iran’s influential and important role in the region, welcomes development of its ties with the ocuntry.”

Concerning the regional crisis, Kasoulides added “the support provided by some regional countries undoubtedly has an influential role in reinforcement of terrorists and that should be countered by participation of powerful regional countries.”

Cypriot FM emphasized that significant optimism existed among EU countries regarding nuclear talks and a possible agreement.

By Mehr News Agency

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