Isfahan water shortage must be dealt with as national matter

Isfahan, Jan 11, IRNA – Head of the Water and Wastewater Research Institute of Isfahan University of Technology said Sunday that when the products and industries of Isfahan are regarded national agenda, Isfahan’s water shortage must be dealt with as a national matter.
  Speaking during an international seminar on the shortage of water in the central province of Isfahan, Hamid-Reza Safavi said that the issue of Isfahan industries is not limited to the province; it has rather national and maybe international aspects.

Many of the industries were established in a short time in Isfahan, but no plans were devised for supplying them with the required water, Safavi said.

Referring to a 700,000 population of immigrants living in Isfahan, Safavi said that in order to meet the water needs of the province the issue has to be seen as a national matter.

He said the present water resources are not necessary and that the level of underground waters will reduce dramatically over the next five years.

To deal with the shortage of water and its repercussions, management of water consumption in agriculture, industry and domestic parts are needed, Safavi noted.

He warned that, with the probable drought in the future, the current 400-million-cubic-meter shortage of water in the province will grow to 800 million cubic meters.

During two days of the international seminar on the shortage of water in Isfahan, Iranian experts along with participants from scientific centers and universities from Britain, Italy, the United States, Canada and Finland offered their scientific and practical proposals for revival of Zayandeh-Roud River which runs in Isfahan city, one of Iran’s main tourist attractions, and has nearly dried up.



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