Natural gas share to hit 26%

TEHRAN Jan 10(Shana)–The secretary general of Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) has said that the share of the gas in the next 20 years will increase from around 22% to 25% or 26% as the demand is rising due to economic growth and also due to the shift in the energy mix to coal from oil and coal.
“We are more concerned about where the supply will come from,” Mohammad Hossein Adeli said in a special interview featured by Gulf Intelligence.

“The areas, which you refer to like Australia and East Africa, projects are in fact not being completed on time. And there is also strong gas demand support due to policy changes in Japan,” he said.

“After Fukushima, plans for bringing nuclear power on board again this year and next has been postponed. Demand for gas from India is also rising, as well as from Europe, so even if some customers reduce demand, there are new ones emerging all the time,” he added.

Adeli also said that the US shale gas exports will be “minimal” although its production will continue to grow.

He also said Russia will like to keep itself as a reliable supplier to Europe.

“Russia will continue to be a reliable supplier and it will address the financial problems with the EU (European Union) one way or the other. Europe needs Russian gas and Russia needs European market. Russians will do whatever it takes to show they are a reliable supplier.”



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