Iran to hold exhibition in Turkmenistan

TEHRAN, Jan. 10 (MNA) – Iran’s great Exhibition of Industry and Trade will be held on February 25-27 with the presence of Iranian industrial and businessmen in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

At a meeting held for this purpose, Iran’s ambassador to Turkmenistan underlined Iran’s competition with other countries, especially Turkey, over gaining more market share in Turkmenistan.

Pointing to Turkmenistan’s up to 10 percent economic growth in 2014, Mohammad Mousa Hashemi Golpaygani said that the country had a bright prospect in the field of planning and trade.

“Given the cultural and historical commonalities between the two countries and due to Iran’s technological advances in recent years, Turkmenistan welcomes Iran’s successful companies in the country,” Iran’s ambassador added.

Northern Khorasan Head of the Chamber of Commerce said at the conference that Turkmenistan has a high potential to use Iran’s products. “Last year Iran had about 858 million dollars in exports of agricultural and technical services to Turkmenistan, out of which about 50 million dollars belong to the export from North Khorasan province.”

“Goods and gas transaction between the two countries is now possible,” Mohammad Samadi said, “and Turkmenistan with about 6 million people and high gas reserves enjoys good condition and capacity for trade and business cooperation with Iran.”

Following the problems imposed on Russia due to western unilateral sanctions, Turkmenistan’s huge market is now open to Iran’s products more than ever.

By Mehr News Agency

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