Tehran hosts 28th Islamic unity conference

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA — The 28th International Islamic Unity Conference was inaugurated in Tehran on Wednesday.
  The conference, organized by the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought based in Iran will run for three days.

It runs under the theme ‘Unified Islamic Nation: Challenges and Solutions.”

A number of roughly 1,200 Islamic scholars and intellectuals from various countries have taken part in the event. The participants include Islamic scholars, ministers of Islamic countries, clerics, and representatives of scientific and cultural organizations from around the globe.

The conference is going to discuss ways of promoting solidarity in the Islamic world and draw closer views of Muslim scholars’ on diverse issues of the day.

Over 400 foreign participants have joined the conference, coming from Russia, France, Tunisia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, Sweden, the US, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Sudan, Azerbaijan, Gambia, Jordan, Iraq, Indonesia, Britain, China, Tatarstan, Afghanistan, Senegal, Algeria, the Philippines, Brazil, Bahrain, Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Qatar, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kuwait, Greece, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, or Columbia.



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