Mousavian: Regional countries should help restore peace

Tehran, Jan 6, IRNA – Former diplomat Hossein Musavian said on Tuesday that continued hostilities against Iran led to promotion of terrorism and unrest in the region and restoration of peace in the Middle East requires collective action by the regional countries.

The US, western countries and some of the Arab countries along with the Zionist regime were united in the 1960s but in the past 35 years various issues such as waging war on Iran led to their isolation and weakening, he wrote in an article on the US based website ‘Defense News’.

The hostile conduct of the US administration led to formation of terrorism, crisis and unrest in the Middle East region and emergence of a powerful and stable Iran, he underlined.

Referring to consecutive fall of the Arab governments in recent years, he said ‘Arab League’ has now turned to an inactive body.

Countries such as Libya, Egypt and Yemen are among those Arab states who suffer from weak governments and are now dealing with numerous obstacles and problems in governing their domestic issues, he said.

Members of Persian Gulf Cooperation Council are not safe in dealing with wave of terrorism and extremism in the region, he said.

Iran is now the most powerful and stable country in the Middle East region, he said.

Closer cooperation between PGCC, Iran and Iraq will lead to promote international relations, Mousavian said.

He advised the US president to interact with Iran to help restore peace in the Middle East region and underlined that such interaction should be real.

Nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 is a good example of fruitful interaction in resolving the issues, he said.



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