NPC prefers investment in infrastructures

TEHRAN Jan 06 (Shana)–NPC’s investment should never go beyond 20 percent in projects, deputy managing director of the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) Mohammad Hassan Peyvandi said.
He said NPC prefers to make investments in infrastructure projects, adding NPC is not interested in ownership of enterprises.

Speaking on the importance of methanol in the petrochemical industry, Peyvandi said that methanol is a rival for naphtha because it is linked to gas and could be turned into ethylene and propylene by deploying new technologies.

According to him, the Parliament has expressed its readiness to permit NPC to go ahead with investment in infrastructures. He continued NPC will proceed to invest in infrastructures next year after being approved by the parliament and having properly funded.

There are 11 and 67 unfinished projects from fourth economic development plan and fifth economic development periods with 5 to 97 percent physical progress which their completion is among the top priorities of NPC, he said.

Current petrochemical production capacity of the country stands at 60 million tons per year, Peyvandi said, adding with regard to ongoing 60 million tons projects and creation of another 60 tons of petrochemical output, Iran’s total production capacity is expected to hit 180 million tons annually in 2022.



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