Official: Reduced oil share will cause no economic earthquake

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA – Presidential chief of staff Mohammad Nahavandian says oil share in the country’s economy is not as such that its reduction would cause an economic earthquake.
“Exaggeration about this issue is not right and considering our political relations and our negotiations (with G5+1) would not be in the interest of the country.”

Speaking to reporters Sunday on the sidelines of the first Conference on Economy, Nahavandian said: “We should not weaken our stance in the negotiation with our own hands.”

Stressing that at the time of forwarding the next budget bill to the Majlis “we acted realistically”, he said under the status quo, conditions have changed and changes in the budget should be seen.

“The more transparent and realistic the budget the closer we will get to economic activists (giving them signals) and to preserving the social asset and trust between the people and the government.”

He further remarked: “Of course we are in a stage at which the Majlis with the participation of the government should make investigations and I am sure that we will gain a better profile.”

As for the relation between politics and economy, Nahavandian said it is a bipolar relationship and is not specific to Iran’s economy, adding that no economic prescription will become complete in the absence of full political considerations.

He said simultaneously with easing of the tensions in the country the inflation has been lowered and the economic growth rate has been improved. At the same time at the international arena economic relations are being followed more strongly and logically, he noted.

The official further remarked that economic power will definitely strengthen Iran’s negotiation power, he said, adding that expansion of international political ties will add up to the economic power due to creation of new markets and facilities.

Stressing that if Iran wants constant growth and sustainable development it should fight corruption, he said a healthy economy cannot accompany administrative corruption, rent seeking and favoritism.

He advised those who through astronomical incomes follow an economy based on specific connections to know that Iran’s economy has selected a competitive route and only those who offer better prices and quality can be the winners of this field.



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