Larijani: Iran practices to have economy not based on oil

Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani

Tehran, Jan 5, IRNA — Speaker of Majlis (Parliament) Ali Larijani criticized those countries which think oil prices drop can do harm to Islamic countries and said Iran is practicing to achieve an economy which is not based on oil.
  Speaking in a group of students, Larijani said the Muslim world has both potentials and problems.

The increase in number of learned people and expansion of science, knowledge and rationality are among the potentials of Muslim world, said Larijani.

In Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Malysia, and many other Islamic countries, science has developed and this is a valuable asset, said the speaker.

He added rich natural resources and belief in spirituality are other advantages of Muslim world.

On the problems that Muslim countries face, Larijani said unfortunately, the leaders of Islamic countries, instead of exploiting their own potentials, pay attention to the abilities of foreign countries.

What is more unfortunate is the fact that certain elements inside Muslim world, create discord among Muslims by order of foreign countries, said Larijani.



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