Historic houses in Kazeron razed

KAZERON, Jan. 04 (MNA) – The wave of demolishing historical houses and monuments has taken new victims.

In the most recent such event, a construction machine damaged a Qajar-era historical house. Kazeron, in Fars province, is home to a rich culture, hosting several historical monuments and heritage. The wave of destructions has recently disturbed the lovers of cultural heritage of the city, one of which is razing of a Qajar-era house.

A member of the Association of Youth Seminar told Mehr News local correspondent that the office of former Republic Party which was located in a historical context of the city had been demolished. Mohsen Abbaspour said that the pace of destructions and demolition of historical texture of the city has found ludicrously disproportionate levels, razing more and more of the houses and monuments and depriving the city of its historical identity gradually. “Few weeks ago, the headpiece of historical mosque of Shohada (martyrs in Persian) was destroyed; the historical houses provided the city with unique architectural beauty and aura; simplicity along with beauty, the strength of the material in construction, porches, arches, and minute components of the architecture including skylights and niches, which are integral parts of the city’s traditional face, embellished the monument,” he added.

“The destructions and demolitions will carve deep scars into the traditional texture of the city, as the destructions have totally change the outer face of Kazeron, replacing historical houses with dead blocks of buildings which convey no history of their own, and are empty of Kazeron’s richness of history in different periods of the history,” emphasized Abbaspour.

By Mehr News Agency

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