Ayatollah Sistani

Ayatollah Sistani orders protection of people’s properties in freed regions

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraq-based Muslim religious leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani issued a fatwa banning the seizure or looting of public properties in those areas freed from the terrorists’ control in Iraq.

“We have several times stressed that abusing the Iraqi citizens’ properties in areas freed from the terrorists’ hands is haram (forbidden religiously),” Sistani said when asked by his followers on the issue.

“We condemn disrespecting and looting of the citizens’ properties,” he added.

Ayatollah Sistani called on the Iraqi officials to confront the issue with an iron fist, warning of its dire consequences.

In relevant remarks in November, Sistani called on the Iraqi government to rush to the aid of Sunni tribes battling the ISIL, after the terrorist group executed at least 220 tribesmen West of Baghdad.

“The Iraqi government is required to… offer quick support to the sons of this tribe and other tribes that are fighting Daesh (ISIL) terrorists,” Sistani said, in an address read out by an aide in the holy city of Kerbala after Friday prayers at the time.

“This will offer the opportunity to the other tribes to join the fighters against Daesh,” he said.

By Fars News Agency


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