Zarif condoles on demise of former Lebanese prime minister

Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condoled with bereaved family members of former Lebanese prime minister and prominent veteran politician, Omar Abdulhamid Kerami in a message addressed to them Thursday.
“Beyond doubt the brave and unforgettable stands taken by that late personality is support of justice in various issues, especially on brave resistance of regional nations against the Zionist occupiers, and his frank services to the Lebanese nation, will never be forgotten,” reiterated Zarif in his message.

“On behalf of the Iranian government and nation, I hereby condole with the esteemed family members of Kerami, as well as the Lebanese government and nation, on this painful loss and pray to Almighty God for further exaltation of his status in the Hereafter,” added Zarif.

Many political and diplomatic personalities and parties, including the Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammad Fat’hali and the Lebanese Hezbollah Party have issued communiqués, sent messages, or attended the later Omar Abdulhamid Kerami’s house to condole with his family.

Kerami who died in hospital at the age of 80, or more, was also the brother of another Lebanese popular prime minister, Rashid Kerami, who was martyred in a terrorist explosion related to Samir Jaja’s party.

His father Andulhamid Kerami, too, was a former Lebanese premier, and his son, Faisal Kerami was a sports and youth minister in former Lebanese government.

Omar Kerami served as prime minister from 1990 to q992 in president Elias Al Heravi’s government and from 204 to 2005 during president Emil Lehud’s tenure.

Kerami who was a Sunni Muslim also served as Lebanon’s education minister in prime minister Salim Al Hoss cabinet and from 1992 to 2004 served as a parliament member representing the northern parts of the country for three consecutive terms.

The Lebanese Prime Minister Tamam Salam has announced three days of national mourning on late Omar Kerami’s demise.

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