FM spokesperson wishes peaceful new year for all nations

Tehran, Dec 31, IRNA – Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham on Wednesday wished a peaceful new year for all nations worldwide.
She made the remarks while talking to reporters during her weekly press briefing.

As to Britain’s decision to set up military bases in Bahrain, she stressed that security in the region should be maintained only through collaboration of all regional countries.

She said London’s act reminds all of its contradictory policies during years of colonialism.

Afkham also dismissed any official lobbying with Saudi Arabia on oil prices.

Noting that oil market has always been experiencing fluctuations, she stressed that coincidence of the declining oil prices and certain political developments in the region has given rise to speculations as to the impact of political decisions regarding descending oil prices.

Afkham said talks about impact of a certain country on this declining process are just exaggerations.

On Iran-Hamas relations, she said the two sides enjoyed a normal state of relations.

She further said that no dates and plans have so far been fixed for any visits to Iran by the Hamas Leader Khalid Mashal.

As to negotiations underway to settle the Syrian crisis, the FM spokesperson stressed that there was only a diplomatic solution to the problem.

She said Iran supported any practical schemes which would meet the demands of the Syrian nation.

Elsewhere in her remarks, she urged the Bahraini government to act according to the realities.

She expressed concern over the arrest of the Bahrain’s Al Wifaq secretary general and called on the government to comply with the nation’s demands.



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