Official offers condolences over religious minority leader’s demise

Tehran, Dec 30, IRNA – President’s Advisor in Ethnic and Religious Groups Ali Younesi expressed condolences over the passing away of a prominent religious minority leader in Iran.
  Late Jabbar Tavoosi, Leader of Mandaeans passed away on Monday. Mandaeans are an ethno-religious community, practicing Mandaeism, which is a Gnostic religion with a strongly dualistic worldview. Its adherents revere Adam, Abel, Seth, Enosh, Noah, Shem, Aram and especially John the Baptist, but reject Abraham, Moses and Jesus of Nazareth.

In his message, Younesi said,’ The Late Tavoosi loved his faith and his country, hence, his memory will always be respected.’

‘On behalf of President Hassan Rouhani, I express my deepest condolences over the passing away of the leader of Mandaeans and I hope that his soul rests in peace,’ said Younesi.



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