Kobani liberation to become top priority for kurds in 2015: Kurdish leader

A strike against ISIL in Kobani, on the Turkey-Syria border

Syrian Kurds’ top priorities in 2015 are to completely clear out Kobani from Islamic State (IS) militants and unite governing bodies in Syrian Kurdistan.
MOSCOW, December 27 (Sputnik) – The main goal for Kurdish forces fighting against Islamic State (IS) militants is full liberation of the Kurdish-majority city of Kobani in northern Syria, leader of Syrian Kurds Saleh Muslim Mohammad told Sputnik Radio on Saturday.

“Our major goal in 2015 will be complete liberation of Kobani,” Saleh Muslim said speaking of future goals for Kurdish fighters, adding that the current situation in the city is complicated, as Islamists are trying to consolidate their position in the area.

“The Islamists are trying to secure a solid position there, we have to mop up literally each house and even each room in the city. But the recent advances made by our forces in Kobani give us hope for victory in the near future,” he added.

Unification of governing bodies of the Rojava cantons, situated in the western part of Kurdistan in the north of Syria, is another priority set by the Kurds for the upcoming year, Muslim told Sputnik Radio.

Over the past year, Kurdish fighters have shown that they are able to stand up for their rights, becoming “the only power in the region that protects common human values,” according to the Kurdish leader.

“As a result of the 2014 standoff it has become obvious that the Kurds turned from a regional factor to a regional player. It is now commonly recognized that they can influence the balance of power in the region, defend their achievements and stand up for their interests,” Muslim said, noting that the international community has recognized Kurdish self-government.

“This year, our governance system was legally recognized by the international community. Both political and humanitarian support provided to us became a clear indication of this,” Saleh Muslim stressed.

Kurds are Syria’s largest ethnic minority. The Kurdish population also lives in Turkey, Iran, and Iraq. Syrian Kurds are striving toward creating their own independent state and already announced their own provincial government of Western Kurdistan in January.

Since September, Kurdish forces, backed by the US-led airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) positions, have been fighting against IS militants in the Syrian city of Kobani which borders Turkey.

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