President gives executive order to revive Management, Planning Org.

A view of the building of Iran’s Management and Planning Organization (MPO), which had been dissolved in July 2007 (file photo)

Tehran, Dec 27, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday gave executive order to revive the Management and Planning Organization.
With the executive order, the president is going to fulfill one of the promises he made in the election campaign.

The former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dissolved the specialized organization in gross violation of the Constitution which envisaged decentralization of financial administration as a pre-emptive measure against financial corruption.

The Management and Planning Organization was an specialized agency working to earmark budget for different organs in the context of the annual budget plan which must be presented to the parliament for approval.

The former president, well-known for his self-style administration dissolved the organ to accumulate all the financial affairs in his hands in violation of the Constitutional provisions.

Members of the parliament expressed outrage at Ahmadinejad’s action to dissolve the Management and Planning Organization, but, he accused the Majlis Speaker of encouraging the MPs for the parliament’s objection to his unlawful practices.

In response to the public anger at the unlawful actions of the former president, President Rouhani promised to revive the Management and Planning Organization if he was elected as president.

Rouhani said that he gave the executive order based on approval of the High Administrative Council.

High Administrative Council in its 168th session on December 3 approved reestablishment of State Management and Planning Organization and its branches in provinces in a bid to create unified management and forge solidarity in organizational structure.

Proposed by Presidential Department for Planning and Strategic Supervision, the move is also aimed at providing strategic requirements for the country’s development and promoting sustainable development.

Rouhani made clear that reestablishment of the entity is taking place under Articles 126 and 124 of the Constitution.



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