Iran plans nat’l confab of nanotechnology in agriculture

Tehran, Dec 27, IRNA – The 3rd National Conference of Nanotechnology in Agriculture is slated to be held in Iran late April 2015.
  The national event, planned for April 28 and 29, aims to present the latest scientific achievements of nanotechnology application in different agriculture fields and natural resources. The confab will also be a venue for scholars and researchers to confer and exchange views.

The conference will present the outcome of researches and findings to the Iranian Ministry of Agriculture and the private sectors while the necessity of using modern nanotechnology in agriculture will attract the scholars and policymakers.

It will focus on nanotechnology and herbal productions, nanotechnology and herbal medicines, nanotechnology and animal productions, nanotechnology in water and soil, nanotechnology in natural resources, nanotechnology in environment, nanotechnology in fishery, the social and economic aspects of nanotechnology in agriculture and natural resources and etc.

Several educational workshops will be held during the confab as well. Interested individuals can submit the abstract of their works to the event’s secretariat Jan. 20, 2015.



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