China hopes for satisfactory results from Iran-Sextet n. talks

Beijing, Dec 26, IRNA – China expressed hope here Friday that Iran and six world powers will achieve satisfactory results from their nuclear negotiations for both sides in early 2015.
  “Beijing hopes Iran and 5+1 Group (the UN Security Council Big 5 plus Germany) will in their upcoming talks in the year 2015 achieve a comprehensive nuclear agreement that will be satisfactory for both sides,” said Hua Chunying in a press conference, broadcasted on China international radio.

She also expressed hope that the involved sides in the talks will abandon differences of opinion on the issue so that the desirable outcome will be achieved as soon as possible.

The Chinese international radio also quoted Hua Chunying as saying that China believes the involved sides should make best use of the emerged satisfactory conditions so far and concentrate on eliminating the remaining differences of opinion.

“Achieving satisfactory results and adopting appropriate decisions is the demand of all world countries, including China, and Beijing hopes this important objective will be achieved in the session that will be held in early New Year,” she reiterated.

Iran and the Sextet announced at the end of their last round of nuclear negotiations held in Geneva that the talks’ period is extended till June, 30, 2015 for another 7 month period.



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