25 million liters of oil products confiscated

TEHRAN Dec 24 (Shana)–More than 25 million liters of various smuggled oil products were discovered over the first six months of current Iranian calendar year since March 21 2014 and delivered to authorized bodies for distribution.
Public relations of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) announced the company in association with law enforcement forces could discover 25.4 million liters of hidden oil products including gasoline, gasoil and kerosene.

Comparing the figures with similar period last year shows that the amount of discovered kerosene and gasoline went up respectively 25 percent and 37 percent while gasoil discovery reduced by 17 percent.

NIOPDC’s public relations report announced that discovered oil products were delivered to storage tanks for redistribution after conducting necessary quality tests and making sure of their purity.   

Oil products are among the main items for smuggling to the neighboring countries due to large gap between their prices in Iran and some neighboring countries.



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