Iranian researchers design powder for clean steel

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian researchers at Isfahan City, central Iran, have designed base tundish powder after two years of surveys and studies.

The powder is used in continuous casting of steel and dramatically lessens liquid contaminants and facilitates clean steel production.

Iran used to import the powder by 2002, but it has provided 12.000 tons of the product for some leading Iranian steel companies.

The knowhow of making the product is only held by some leading companies.

Acid powders which can act only as thermal insulation are used less in production of clean steel production, and companies making clean products tend to use base tundish for making clean steel.

PA ۱۰۳S Tunslag is a metallurgically active material base powder whose addition to liquid level in Tundish cleans the steel.

Improving cleanness of the steel at the time of stating casting and changing cauldron are some advantages of the powder.

The product costs 50 percent less than the foreign version.



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